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August 2013 - Five Feel Good Foods - My Personal Blog

For any of you who watch my videos or follow any of my social media you will know that I've been going through a hard time recently. As I've said I'm not going to bare the gritty details of my personal life on the internet but, we all have problems right? A friend recently sent me this photo on whatsapp and it inspired me to write this post. On my youtube channel I get a lot of comments about whether I've lost or gained weight, why I'm trying to be healthy and that I'm 'too obsessed'. Even if I had my 'dream body' or the amazingly fast metabolism of some of my friends I'd still try to look after my body as best as I can. Apart from the obviously reasons like; having lots of energy, fighting and preventing illness and disease, keeping my skin looking good etc etc... what I eat and how I move my body has such a drastic effect on my mood. Although I would never dare to say eating healthy is a guaranteed cure for depression, it sure does making a surprising difference. So without further ado, here are some 'mood-boosting' foods you might want to try adding to your diet. 

1) Eggs
Research suggests foods high in vitamin-B12 can help to fight depression and egg yolks are full of it. The research on this isn't conclusive, but eggs are a great source or protein which is easily and quickly absorbed into your body. They are also great for quick, easy meals if you are struggling to stay on track. 

2) Spinach
Spinach is high in magnesium, a mineral which helps support the production of serotonin, a 'feel-good' chemical which controls mood. It is also rich in protein, calcium, potassium and lots of other vital vitamins and minerals. It's also one of this 'easy to eat' foods. I like to put it in my omelettes or smoothie, but you can whip up a tasty salad with baby leaf spinach. 

3) Oily Fish
A lack of fatty acids has been linked to worsening the effects of depression. You can take daily supplements to boost your intake if you find it hard to get hold of fresh fish, but things like mackerel, salmon and tuna are your best bets. Oily fish can also help improve your joints, skin and cardiovascular health and good fatty acids have also been proven to help boost fat loss. Nuts and avocado's are also a great source of essential fatty acids. 

4) Oats
Any diet that is low in sugar, and full of slow releasing carbs will not only help to stabilise your energy levels but also your mood. The highs and lows you experience with depression will only be enhanced by the highs and lows caused by a high sugar diet. Oats are also known to lower cholesterol.  

5) Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate contains mood boosting chemicals such as phenylethylamine, but it is also lower in fat and sugar than milk or white chocolate. When suffering from depression it is important not to be too strict on yourself and have things in your life that you enjoy. A piece of dark chocolate a day never did anyone any harm.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you want more food related posts. Hope you are all well,


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